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We Supply Technical education training equipment, laboratory chemicals, apparatus and Research grade laboratories all over Ethiopia and many more.

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AB-Desta is the result of 13 years of experience within the scope of import and export. Established in 2002 E.C. as a private limited company registered with the federal democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Justice has its HQ in Addis Ababa and its Branch Office in UAE.

  • and laboratory equipment.

Why AB-Desta Trading Plc

Focus on Shared Goals

AB-Desta offers a complete range of advanced educational equipment to number of institutions. This is in line with our company goal which is providing high-quality equipment’s, accordingly we believe that we can create a mutually beneficial–and successful–partnership and on time service delivery. 

Proved Technical Competence

We believe that we have all the essential technical competence to undertake viable projects. So far we have delivered more than 30 projects to different institutions engaged in higher education, research, and engineering. 

Mature Geographical Experience

We have a tremendous experience in all corners of Ethiopia. Especially majority of Ethiopian higher education institutions found in all direction of the nation are our customers. This makes us a preferred destination for your need of effective service and partnership demands.  

Attested Management Competence  

Our company is composed of professionals in all its four departments. The professional have a diverse business and engineering experiences. This makes our company to easily facilitate all its tasks. 

We Supply Technical education training equipment, laboratory chemicals and apparatus and Research grade laboratories all over Ethiopia and many more.

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